Fitness Column 9 - Easter Treats!

It’s that time of year again, the shelves in the stores are flooded with chocolate eggs and big discounts on sweet treats in general! If you’re like me and have a sweet tooth, sometimes it’s hard to know when to stop!

Easter eggs can start to be sold from as soon as January, so you may have found yourself avoiding the aisle ends for a few months now but here’s some top tips on how to curb your cravings and not buckle to the ‘buy 2 get 2 free’ offers!!

*Write a list when you go shopping – It can be nice to browse and pick up something new but knowing what you’re going to the store for and following through with it will help deter you from snacking on that sweet treat that you just happened to pick up while travelling back home with your shopping!

* Head to the shops after eating – Rule 101 of shopping! If you go to do your shopping while hungry or with a sugar craving you’re gonna stake out the sweet, biscuit and chocolate aisles and see what you can feed your tummy with (I do it – sometimes) normally regretting it after.

*Shopping online – It can be boring, but it could also save you a lot of money over the course of a year from not picking up the odd bits you may come across in store.

We all love Easter, whether it’s another excuse to see family, have a snack out of your favourite egg (or 10) a long weekend off work or heading away you should enjoy yourself!

Everything in moderation, enjoy your egg and your Easter break!

Did you know;

A crème egg has 26 grams of sugar in it

A males daily recommended amount of sugar is 38 grams

A females daily recommended amount of sugar is 25grams