Fitness Column 16 - Winter is Coming!

The nights are coming in sooner, the clocks have just changed and the temperature has dropped – winter is coming!

I dislike winter, it’s not a season I look forward to, mainly because when you wake up it’s dark, cold and wet outside, you end up spending extra time in bed and what normally suffers because of that extra few moments of warmth and comfort is your training session!

It’s this time of year where motivation lacks, we start enjoying more wholesome meals which are filling and warming and we dive under a blanket or duvet at any chance we get!

Our training regime will often change too. If you’re used to getting out there with the elements, winter can really dampen your experience! Not only do you run the risk of injury but cold weather training can also lead to hypothermia. It’s advisable to change or add clothing after training. If you hang about for a chat after, definitely take extra layers in to consideration as the body cools down.

A lot of people head back inside for their training, it helps with staying safer during exercise, increases motivation and new goals tend to come from this as we end up putting on a few extra pounds for that added ‘insulation’ over these colder months!

As my training is mostly inside, I invite you to join me and my team. Attached to this article is a FREE CLASS voucher which you’re more than welcome to redeem. Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the Facebook page Functional Fitness Suite to find out which classes we do and when!

I look forward to seeing you, Stay safe – Rich