Fitness Column 14 - Struggling with Motivation

We’ve all been there, some of us more than others but when it comes to our training, we can push it back and let other things take over, especially if they’re easier and require less effort! Here’s a few tips on how to remain focused and get that motivation back ready for your exercise!

  • Put the phone down!! – Talking yourself out of a perfectly good fitness session and replacing it with injecting yourself full of social media should be a big no-no! It’s easier to sit there and scroll through other peoples lives then to workout. If this is you, give yourself a time limit and get back to your focus.
  • Plan your sessions – If you’re not attending a ready-made class which is going to kick you in to an Aerobic or Anaerobic state and you’re just aimlessly going to stroll in to the gym without a plan, of course your motivation is going to slip. Plan what exercises you’re going to do, with the required sets and how long for. Any good gyms will have staff to help you write these plans.
  • Think about yourself – Leave work at work. As soon as you step foot in your training facility, that’s your time. Any stresses you’ve gained through the day from work, family, or any other worries, need to be left at the door. Concentrate on what you came to do, use the negative energy to fuel your workouts and leave calmer with a positive mindset.
  • Give yourself a time frame – Once your session is planned, you’ve put the phone down and you’re thinking about yourself, it’s time to work. Stringing out a workout is unmotivating. Tell yourself you’ve got an hour and roughly plan how long you’ll take in each exercise, remain focused and work hard.
  • Join Tiger Fitness – If you’re struggling with all the tips above then you may benefit from fitness classes. You don’t need to plan your workouts, you can’t access your phone, the timeframe is chosen for you. You need to enter with a can-do attitude and more often then not it’s the people in the class that’ll help you forget about your outside worries and encourage you in your workout.

If you think you could benefit from help from myself or one of my team, get in touch with us today.