Fitness Column 20 - Love yourself

Recently I delivered a ‘Health and Nutrition’ presentation to the learners at Catch 22 college as part of their ‘Love Yourself’ themed class and it got me thinking, do we love ourselves enough?

With lives as busy as they are, how often are we skipping meals and going to bed late? How often do we deprive our self some fresh air in return for scrolling through social media? How often do we put others first before thinking of our own health and fitness?

I’d take a guess at saying a lot of people fall in to the category where ‘quite often’ would be the answer.

Over the last few months I’ve stepped back and taken a different look at things around me. I’ve started to ask myself ‘why’. Why am I reaching for my phone when I have a spare minute, why am I unjustifiably scrolling through Facebook complaining I’m bored? Why am I not putting myself first instead of comparing my life to others that I choose to follow on social media.

I answered that question of ‘Why’. It’s habit. I reach for my phone because it’s out of habit, it takes no energy and can keep me amused for a while but it’s actually not really what I want. It doesn’t make me happy.

What makes me happy, personally is seeing people that I genuinely like. It’s spending time doing things I’m genuinely interested in and it’s keeping my body healthy.

I eat clean and well, I’ve got people around me who are good for my mental health and I do things that are of interest to me.

Do something for you today, it’s not selfish, it’s a selfless act to keep your happiness where it should be.

When you’re happy, you give off more positive vibes which in turn makes other people happy and when they’re happy, life is so much better.